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Drupal Project Has Won the First Prize at Subotica's Hackathon

Scratch My Back

The first Hakaton programming contest in Subotica (Serbia) was held on November 11, 2017.

The goal of the competition was to prepare a service / website / application which can help the people of Subotica, can be useful for the city and be ready to use only in 24 hours.

Eight teams were competing and the team of “Atomic Ants” - from Studio Present took the first place by creating a service “Scratch My Back”. They won a prize of 1.000 Eur.

The system is based on Drupal 8th platform. Due to the very short time it was a rapid development and Drupal outstandingly played its role. 

How does “Scratch My Back” function?

The main idea is that the service is based on volunteers work, eventually it will be extended with other types of jobs in the city and in the future a virtual currency can be given for completed services.

skratch my back app design

Volunteers already exists. They work for humanitarian organizations, civil organizations, churches, and for other non-profit groups. They can be the basic of this system and everything begins with their actions. 

Certain humanitarian organizations would receive 1.000 Favcoins. Favcoin is a “virtual currency” supposed to pay for the completed work.

The organization publishes the work through the on-line platform exp. an old lady needs some help to bring in the firewood. Registered volunteers of the uploading civil organization can assign to the job. Completing the task they receive certain number of Favcoins in their digital wallet. 

app design

The system will have a list of people and a list of type of jobs volunteers already doing. In case someone earns a certain number of coins he or she will be able to spend it thorough the system for another type of service. This way the system “rolls in” and begins to work by itself. 

Team members of Atomic Ants say they would like to see these coins grow into a blockchain-based currency.

We eagerly await to see the first public release of this service.