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Introducing the Cheeseburger menu

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I know that you are a little sceptic, but believe me cheeseburger is always better than hamburger. Ok, I'm just kidding. But we needed a universal mobile menu for our Drupal commerce project. (The goal was to create it for mobile, but you can use it for desktop as well.) So it is universal, cool, fancy, commerce or not commerce, not desktop but yet desktop menu.


To download click on this link or install it via composer:

composer require drupal/cheeseburger_menu


First please look at this short video to see it in action:


We built the Cheesburger menu to be as universal as possible. It has its admin page where you could configure the whole menu at once. 

Cheeseburger menu setting

The module is still in a development phase, but must of the functions are tested already.
Here are a the current functions:

  1. You can define header height and padding. This is needed because of frontend, to be more specific because js needs to know how much need to scroll, so these values will be added to calculations. 

    Cheeseburger menu - header values settings
  2. If you have drupal commerce installed, you will be able to choose if you want cart to appear in the menu or if you want phone button to appear. You can choose to store, so the phone number could be retrieved directly from your store setting, but of course there is an option to override it but you custom phone number here.

    Cheeseburger menu - drupal commerce
  3. There is an option to choose from your already created menus, so just check what you want to be shown in cheeseburger menu. There is one more interesting option here, you are able to use default menu title or it is possible to override it.

    Cheeseburger menu - menus
  4. There is a possibility to add the whole taxonomy to the cheeseburger menu. It is possible to use on various use-case but we added it specially because of drupal commerce. If u use taxonomy as your main categorization in you store, than it will be very handy.

    Cheeseburger menu - taxonomy

    Almost forgot to mention that for every part of the cheeseburger menu you could define a weight, so it is very easy to to change the order.


Next steps:

  1. we want to add possibility to select brakepoints from you current theme on which to appear
  2. we need to do a code review
  3. we need to test if the JS works properly in every situation or at least try to test as much as we can
  4. we need to publish on (our internal deadline is 9th march)



***** UPDATE - 1st march 2018 *****

We published the module at