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Drupal-Lego visualization design process

Lego figured t-shirt

The birth of a idea

As we all know, a picture can tell a thousand words, and most people find it way easier to remember a simple image as compared to words alone. The ‘Brand’ reflects a company’s identity. But, we don`t want to advert our company, we want to create something unseen, take an idea and compress it down into a symbol that’ll stick to the mind of the public Drupal hearth champ in Zagreb. The first steps was a team brainstorming, where nobody has a bombastic idea, but everybody has one or two good idea. That was great to define that we want something playful but what represent,  what we do and how we do.


The Lego

The lego is great game, you can BUILD anything from it, like we do usigng Drupal and nobody has ever use Lego for Drupal visuality. We decide to make a lego drupal-superhero.


First steps

I made a “google images” research for the lego superheroes and designs where was used Lego theme. I find a “NERD” lego character what I really liked, but we talk about superhero… How can I make a NERD superhero?  That was my thought. Then an idea from my boss come in the scene, let`s make two sided shirts, from the front it will be “NERD” from the back it will be a “Drupalhero”.


The sketching

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct which is often a skill and may often, than an ‘inborn-thing’, come with a long years of play, passion, and purposeful study.  


paper skech


After the sketches I made a vector graphic “body” and then stared the adventure, how will be a character represent a Drupal.


lego heads

After a many hours as a team we choose a design, but it was "empty inside", i had a leak of satisfaction...


The first idea


first graphic


Then come to me our lead programmer and shoot the moon whit the “everyday I drupal it” slogan. From that moment I have a clear vision of our visual identity. I want to be a Lego font so it will be all the same style, and our brand is use red color so that just matched  perfectly.  

final design


When I finished and satisfied 98% than I start think that we need some stickers wuth Drupal Hearth champ theme. It need to be a same with the minimal changes, but it will need to represent a champ. I start thinking how I can make a heart from lego. It is a great that I have a 8 year old son ant home and he just love a lego. So I played with him at home, and then I see the perfect lego block for hart.




...and after this, it was easy to create a couple stickers :)





That`s all folks