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Redesign of (Drupal Serbian Community site) Part 1 wireframe

When you felt it is time, GO

In the early days our firm was not part of local/global Drupal community. We were "scared" and unsure in our competency.

Years passed, and we build a lot of complex Drupal sites and confidence started to rise.

In 2016. we started to promote ourself more. First breakthrough was Drupal Camp in Prague. Here we build stronger relationship with our local and Hungarian community. 

We wanted to contribute more beside writing the modules and good opportunity came up. The old Serbian site was out of date so we proposed redesign of it and changing core to Drupal 8.

Old site
Old site


Gathering information with letters and words

In the winter, guys from Novi Sad created a sprint where I was also present.

I am not programmer so I have use the opportunity to gather information from people in person.

I asked what are the crucial elements news site must have. 
Later I concluded a little questionary. There was discussion going on and my notes filled up with good data.

Those textual informations are first point you must have before starting a wireframe. There is no need for fancy pencils and notebooks. You only need will to change something to be better.

Information about new site
Information for easy wireframe construction


When you have 90% information on paper and everything is fresh in your head you can start to draw some wireframe.

I am not fun of pen and paper prototyping instead I use Axure. This program is most fast and intuitive for my way of doing wireframes. It is also good for presenting your work because you can make clickable site and share it global. new wireframe new wireframe

Here is the link of a clickable wireframe: Next step is design.

In the part 2 I will write about design process, and a little bit about fronend part.