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Installing Druppio Drupal 8 profile


Installing Druppio distribution is exactly the same as installing a copy of Drupal 8 core. After you download our distribution file, please follow the next steps:

1. Copy Druppio distribution tar file to your server and unpack it in you public directory. To do this you must have a root access to your server.

2. Point your web browser to address of your server (e.g. and you will see the following page. Please choose your language and click on the 'Save and continue'


3. Depending on your web server settings you might see the following requirements problem pages:



In order to fix the first problem, go to your server and navigate to /sites/default/ folder and duplicate default.settings.php file with the name settings.php. To fix the second problem you must change permissions on this file. You can do this via SSH or FTP - just make sure that this file is writable.

4. Once you fix these problems, click on the link 'try again' and you will now see database configuration page. Here you must enter your database settings. Usually you need to set database name, username and password. Other settings in most cases should not be changed.


5. If you entered the correct database parameters, when you click 'Save and continue' you will see installing page. Please wait while the installer finishes.


6. The next thing you should do is to configure your new site. Set your site name, email address, your admin account and regional settings.


7. After you click on 'Save and continue' you will see your new website with Druppio theme. There is one more thing to fix. You should remove write permission to settings.php file to ensure the safety of your website.