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Drupal 8 and SVG images

Back in January I worked on a Drupal 8 project. And I needed to use SVG images across multiple content types. Only problem was that Drupal 8 doesn't support SVG images out of the box. So, I had a choice, not use beautiful and scalable SVG images at all or find a solution. Being a Drupal developer and passionate about programming, of course I choose the second option. After I completed module development, I decided that I will share it with the community. Ten months later, SVG Formatter is used on more than 1100 Drupal 8 sites. I'm really proud of this.

Drupal Project Has Won the First Prize at Subotica's Hackathon

The first Hackathon in Subotica (Serbia) was held on November 11, 2017. The goal of the competition was to prepare a service/website/application which helps the people of Subotica and can be useful for the city and be ready to use only in 24 hours.

Eight teams were competing and the team of "Atomic Ants" - from Studio Present took the first place by creating a service “Scratch My Back”. They have won a prize of €1.000.

The website is based on Drupal 8 platform. Due to a very short time, it was a rapid development and Drupal outstandingly played its role.